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These Gilt Head Bream fillets have been scaled and pin boned so are ready to be cooked. The bream fillets are great when grilled or pan fried. For that perfect crispy skin, remember to pat the skin dry with some kitchen towel before cooking.


Gilt Head Bream are also known as Dorade or Royal Bream, they are farmed in the Mediterranean, so they are available all year round and hold a steady price.    


Gilt Head Bream has a mild and sweet flavour with a medium to soft flesh texture producing small flakes of fish and are a great alternative to Sea Bass..     


Supplied fresh, you can freeze these Gilt Head Bream Fillets are at home.                        


The smaller fish are perfect for serving whole or a butterfly fillet and the larger fish filleted as one fillet will be a substantial main course and the skin on cooking crisps up beautifully.

You can also buy Gilt Head Bream as whole fish. 



Place your order today and get fresh fillets of fish prepared by our fishmongers and delivered direct to your door! 


Bream Fillet 140/170gm - Fresh

SKU: 114
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