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It wasn't so long ago that monkfish was referred to as the poor man's lobster, the fine texture and sweet, light flavour of the monkfish tail recalling that of a crustacean. Now, if the monkfish doesn't command prices equal to lobster, it exceeds it, making monkfish a delicious indulgence for restaurant diners and home cooks.


Monkfish is probably the ugliest fish ever! Many years ago it was classed as a by-product and fed to the cats when the Fishermen returned to shore!


The head which is 50% of the weight of this fish will be removed and discarded at sea and just the tail will be landed. The tail then needs to be skinned, trimmed and the membrane removed, all of which Premier fish can do for you.


The flesh is a firm meaty texture and the flavour is not dissimilar to Langoustine and takes on all flavour very well, making this a very versatile, adaptable fish, perfect diced for Kebabs, Curries, Stews or the tail fillet left whole or portioned and wrapped in Pancetta and pan-fried

Monkfish Tails Whole Wild 170-200g - Fresh

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