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Sardines are deliciously oily fish, often caught wild off the south coast of the UK. The best time for fresh Sardines is the warm summer months, where they are in abudence and best quality too.

Sometimes known as Pilchards, the best way to eat Sardines is grilled or on the BBQ as their rich oily texture means you really can't overcook them easily!

Serve up with slices of buttered crusty bread, a squeeze of lemon and a light salad and you'll be transported back to summer holidays from years gone by!


Here's a link to one of our favourite Seafood & Eat It recipes from Seafish. Easy to follow and super to enjoy at home. 


If you prefer your Sardines filleted, we also have those available too, take a look at the fresh Sardine Fillets here. Let our fishmongers do the work for you! Just don't forget to order your Sardines for home delivery, you don't want to miss out! 


If you’re looking for some Sardines for your freezer, we also have those in stock, here’s the link you need.

Sardines Whole Wild 1kg - Fresh

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