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Sashimi Tuna is seriously great restaurant quality Tuna, deep red in colour and melt in the mouth quality, you’ll be wowed by the delicious fish.


Sashimi grade Tuna Supremes are a perfect portion size, and all you need to do is simply pan fry and serve. In fact sashimi grade Tuna means it’s high enough quality to slice thinly and eat raw, also delicious, why not try it?


Here's five of our favourite recipes for Tuna to cook at home:


  • Tuna with marinated olive and tomato salad
  • Tuna with harissa and potato stew
  • Tuna with soy and wasabi mash
  • Classic Tuna nicoise
  • Sesame Tune with Asian Slaw


Orders yours and our highly skilled fishmongers will prepare your order, just for you! 

Tuna Portions 140/170g - Fresh

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