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The term supreme (or thick cut ) used in cooking and culinary arts refers to the best part of the food and these Cod Loins really are a terrific portion of fish! 

Cod has a firm but flaking flesh, a delicate taste and is a delight to eat. These Cod Loins can be oven baked, grilled or pan fried and can be eaten simply or with robust flavours.


Why not try one of the many recipe ideas on the web, some of our favourite ideas are:


  • Cod with a lemon and herb breadcrumb crust
  • Classic fish and chips with Cod! Garden or mushy peas? 
  • Cod with olives, capers and a rich tomato cassoulet
  • Cod with a minty pea crust, new potatoes and butter
  • Harissa glazed Cod with cous cous 
  • Cod in a chorizo style stew


Order your fresh Cod today and we can deliver direct to your door! Enjoy!

IQF Cod Loin Skinless/Boneless (20%Glaze) - Frozen 170-200g

  • 10 Fillets Per Box

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