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  • Hot Smoked Salmon Sides 0.9/1.2kg

Hot Smoked Salmon Sides 0.9/1.2kg


Commonly used for both salmon and trout, hot smoking 'cooks' the salmon making it less moist, and firmer, with a less delicate taste. It may be eaten like cold smoked salmon, or mixed with salads or pasta.


Hot Smoked Salmon is an incredibly versatile and delicious product. Often seen as a luxury, you'll find the prices from Premier Fish At Home will make it an everyday option!


Lightly hot smoked, delicate but flavoursome,  this Hot Smoked Salmon must be further cooked before eating. You can do this by pan frying or baking. 


This pack is approximately 1 kilo in size, approximately 2.2lbs. We recommend that you flake it or cut into small portions, it's incredibly rich, and flavourful!  


Flake it into pastas and risottos, use in fishcakes or fish pies, enjoy in wraps and sandwiches or slice and serve it on top of new potatoes with crunchy vegetables.


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