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Gilt Head Bream are also known as Dorade or Royal Bream, they are farmed in the Mediterranean, so they are available all year round and hold a steady price.    


Gilt Head Bream has a mild and sweet flavour with a medium to soft flesh texture producing small flakes of fish and are a great alternative to Sea Bass..     


Supplied fresh, you can freeze these Gilt Head Bream at home.                        


The smaller fish are perfect for serving whole or a butterfly fillet and the larger fish filleted as one fillet will be a substantial main course and the skin on cooking crisps up beautifully.

You can also buy Gilt Head Bream in fillets - click here. 


Here are five of our favourite Gilt Head Bream recipes:


Baked Bream with Garlic & Rosemary


Sea bream in crazy water (Orata all’acqua pazza)


Sea Bream with Chilli, Mango & Lime Salsa 


Sea Bream with Harissa & Rose 


Sea Bream with Pine Nuts & Lemon

Gilt Head Bream Whole 600-800g - Fresh, Farmed

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