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Loch Fyne Kippers - 250g is one large portion. Supplied fresh, you can freeze Loch Fyne Kippers at home. 


They don’t have to just be a breakfast for a Sunday morning in a posh hotel in the Highlands, although I wouldn't say no!


They come whole, split lengthways and frozen with 2 in a pack the easiest way to cook them once defrosted is a couple of minutes lightly covered in the microwave and served with freshly buttered sour dough toast and a poached egg. They can also make for a lovely light lunch or a sturdier supper see a great recipe below for a great tasty Kedgeree


Delia Smith recipe to cook Loch Fyne Kippers at home.


Order now on-line for home delivery!

Loch Fyne Kippers 250g - Fresh

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