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Fresh Hake supremes/portions make a super easy supper.

Treat like Cod portions, you can pan fry, grill or oven bake. They can also take on a wide range of flavours, and their firm texture means they work well steamed too. 


Each portion of fish is skin on and boneless, ready to cook! 


Here's five serving suggestions for your Hake Supremes:


  • Mediterranean baked Hake
  • Curried Hake & rice
  • Hake and roasted pepper skewers, with a pesto glaze
  • Lemon and herb crusted Hake
  • Coconut Hake curry


Order your Hake now, we're your local fishmonger online. Delivering fresh fish to your door! 

Hake Supreme 140/170gm - Fresh

SKU: 105
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