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  • Cooked Lobster 400-600g -Frozen

Cooked Lobster 400-600g -Frozen


Lobster is the king of shellfish and these Cooked Whole Lobsters will guarantee a fantastic seafood supper. Supplied cooked and ready to eat, you can eat them halved and served cold with crusty bread, butter and a cold glass of wine. Or chargrill on the BBQ for a few minutes and enjoy an alfresco supper.


If you're in the mood for a shellfish platter, why not order our Shellfish Select Box, or create your own by adding Oysters, Mussels, Dressed Crab, King Prawns, Clams and more. 


Cooked Lobster makes a delicious festive centre piece for Christmas celebrations and New Years Eve parties, or just the perfect indulgent Saturday night dinner. 

  • Whole Cooked Lobsters are supplied fresh or frozen please check your order for details.  

    You can order the Premier Fish At Home Whole Cooked Lobsters with confidence, we're your local fishmonger, delivering direct to your door across the UK.