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Salmon is a wonderful fish! And, these Salmon sides, also known as fillets, have the skin on, perfect for crisping up when cooking!  Usually only available in professional chefs kitchens, now you can order restaurant quality Salmon for home delivery.


You can easily cut this Salmon into your preferred Salmon portion ready to over bake, grill or pan fry.


Why not cook and flake into noodles, pasta or rice and then they are enough for two people. 

Salmon is also a great addition to any fish pie or fishcake recipe.

It's easy to see why Salmon is so incredibly versatile! 


Here's five great, and easy ideas for serving Salmon at home:


  • Pan fried Salmon with buttery green veggies and potatoes
  • Classic Salmon en croute
  • Blackened roast Salmon with avocado and mango salsa
  • Pesto Salmon with a creamy pasta sauce
  • Teriyaki Salmon with pak choi and noodles


Order your Salmon supremes for delivery direct to your door, and enjoy restaurant quality fish at home! 

Salmon Fillet 1.2/1.6kg - Fresh

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